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Additional services

Building ramps and skateparks is our speciality, but to ensure that related items such as the base and surrounding fencing is perfect for your project we work closely with specialist contractors to offer you a complete service.

Having designed and built numerous layouts we have learnt that the correct finish on the base surface and the right fall to allow drainage, for example, is of equal importance as the construction of the ramps.

We can design, plan and oversee your entire project arranging all the groundworks and any additional items such as, surrounding fences, seating, bins, bike racks, teenage shelters and more. Leave the worry and logistics of your project to the experts.

Ramp options

The ramps we design and build have evolved into equipment that is robust, quiet to use and very good at resisting damage and misuse. However, we can offer clients further options to reduce noise resonation and combat vandalism such as steel cladding and fireproof coatings, several safety rail options are also available.

                 Feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss any
           of these options further.

               Birch or Skatelite surfaces available.
             All equipment is build to ROSPA standards.
        Guaranteed work.

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