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We constantly get asked about our jackets and shirts when we are on site, these items and a selection of other products are now available.

Clothing items have a Rampchild logo on the breast and across the shoulders.

Product list:

Rampchild, lightweight ramp jacket,
Rampchild, hooded top,
Rampchild, sweater,
Rampchild, tee shirt,
Rampchild, sticker pack (minimum 4 stickers),
Rampchild, window sticker,
Rampchild, large sticker

All clothing items are available in small, medium, large and extra large, and come in a selection of popular colours.

Call or email for prices, sizes and colours available. Call - 0771 424 5189, or email - davechilds@rampchild.com

Dealer enquires (large orders) welcome.

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