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Custom Builds and Bowls

Although the majority of our projects over the years have had custom or bespoke elements, some of our clients want a completely unique ramp or skatepark.

This is where our mix of riding and build expertise is really put to its best use in creating layouts that flow and work from a user’s point of view, whilst drawing on our long history of ramp construction to ensure build quality.

Whoever the client – council, private or commercial, custom parks don’t just have half pipes, spines and street course equipment but very often clients want full bowls, bowl corners and really imaginative flowing layouts that require three dimensional rampwork.

Creating a layout that includes bowls has always proved very popular with past clients, and can be a unique feature for a commercial or larger public park.

Why not work with us and have the ramp or skate park you really want, tailored to your requirements.

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